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CABB Design



CABB Design

During Milan designweek 2014, CABBdesign participated to the fuorisalone kermesse in superstudiopiù via Tortona, selected objects section, introducing its project "metropolitan livings: 9sqm to eat, read and sleep". It was a successful and exciting experience meeting lots of interested people from around the world.

CABB Design was founded in January 2013 after a year of meetings, ideas, thoughts and plans. Its creators and partners are five women and friends: Viola Agnese, Laura Baldi, Lorenza Baldi, Alessandra Cillerai, and Marina Sani. Each one has a specific role determined on the basis of their own experience. CABB Design creations were entirely conceived and designed by Laura, Lorenza and Marina. Their sensibility led them to design objects with a narrative character inspired by their respective personal experiences and created thanks to the artistic visions of their training. The objective is to offer something that speaks of daily life, made of work and family; for this reason the relationships between product, environment, use, and emotional aspect, become one. 
CABB relies on a network of Italian laboratories and their involvement is an important point of the design. Welcoming the tendency toward a return to craftsmanship, an attempt has been made to combine the sensible and modern feminine vision with the more practical and manual one that is typical of traditional craftsman. This relationship allows each project to be developed step by step, from the idea to the prototype, integrating modifications until the end result is achieved. CABB Design has also decided to involve several creative people and designers who create unique and special objects for us and for you.

Lorenza, an architect and lover of interior design, responsible for the “living” line, created essential and emotional objects designed to achieve a balance between form and function. Laura, a fashion designer, oversaw the “living” and “dressing” lines. 
Inspired by a simple and elegant taste, she created objects and clothing that reconcile aesthetics with practicality. 
Marina is our inspiration and cool-hunter. Her ideas and intuition make the difference in every project, whether it is a piece of furniture or a dress. 
Viola, who has experience in the business sector, is responsible for marketing and economic planning. Alessandra, thanks to her experience in the world of communication, follows the activity of the press office, promotions, blogs and social media.