November is always the month that  finishes more “quickly” and Christmas comes in a flash! So we want to focus on gifts to recommend, to see, to appreciate, to love!!! So here they are the new products you find on CABBdesign’s shop.

The Citybag of cabbdesign. What to say ? The best selling item this summer is offered in the winter version . Made always sailcloth , so impervious to winter rains , is black, roomy and elegant. Details of the rope handles , to be chosen in three different colors, to make it unique and special!

EILEEN GET COLOURED! Our lightweight portable table , dedicated to Eileen Gray, incredible Irish designer and architect of the last century (in fact she lived almost a hundred years and has had a wonderful life, maybe there speak one day), how it becomes beautiful ! We chose the colors: red, black and white , but you might want it in another color . Just ask ! By now the ice ” natur” is broken!

LOTO is an object, not- object ! It has actually many uses: centerpieces, storage , fruit bowls. It’s perfect In the bedroom to put earrings or creams, in the bathroom to support towels, and even at the center of a table with a beautiful red candle … many functions, the same lightness! It is made of wood and closes becoming almost a sheet. So brilliant in its simplicity, elegance and utility. We love it ! from designer Plutino.

NECKLACE or collane. Ideal for new year parties, perfect for a Christmas gift!  Feathers, stones , pieces of cloth, so on and so forth, is actually the Dindi jewelry designer who puts , and what imagination! They are elegant , this is no doubt ! Maybe too much, but that’s the beauty ! Of course you do not pass unnoticed. Only drawback : limited edition, because handmade one by one, so you have to hurry to buy it ! We have one already in the drawer ! designer Rien D’autre.


CityBAG, CABBdesig italian style



COLORED EILEEN, what’s color you prefer?

CABB Ottobre12

“LOTO”, a light wood flower

CABB Ottobre06bis


NECKLACE, by Rien D’autre


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