the right look to walk and stay fit

#outfitdimarina suggests today the right look

to walk and stay fit


The gym is very useful when (very often) ther’s no time! but if we can have three / four hours, maybe over the weekend, what could be more fantastic than leaving for long walks towards unexplored paths?


we will be comfortable, warm and chic with this sportish look:





Always jeans! comfortable and maybe heavier for the winter, but jeans! the snakers of course, this season’s super fashion, are a necessity! A black wool sweater, very heavy and a white duvet with sleeves to the elbow, which leaves free movement.


This time no accessories, always wanted in our #outfitdimarina section, and we wear only a bag,  with a wide shoulder strap to be worn comfortably, so light that it seems not to have it, of course TELAVELA collection, Portovenere line .



Here it is the entire line Portovenere.

The color is blue navy, the design unique, the details very resistant. The pocket on the net is very convenient, because we stick what you need more!
Left bag is Portovenere medium size (75.00 euro), behind it the travel bag (also fabulous gift for a man_160,00 euro), and finally we find the mini bag (55,00 euro), without strap and suitable for easy chic happy hours.



With the today’s look we can go anywhere: walk fast to stay in shape, take a walk in the city center,  go to university or library and even run to the grocery store, actually everywhere where there is to “run”. But what faboulose could be go to unexplored paths and walk along the road without thinking, enjoying the fresh air and the view.


Here is the glimpse of the sea which is visible from a path of Liguria. The photo was sent from Sani Marina, who inspires the #outfitdimarina section  and who was dressed, of course, with the look we suggest today !!!


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