CABBdesign bag, perfect for the week end

We have spoken many times of the cabbdesign’s bag, but today we want to tell another convenient feature, actually its capacity to being also a large and perfect case for traveling.

Leaving suddenly for the week end it’s always nice, but the organization and especially the things to bring, even only for the weekend, are always too much. We suggest to use a convenient, roomy and durable bag, without sacrifice the elegance of course! MAH! we are actually talking about the “sea bag” of cabbdesign! full (so to speak) of incredible versatility! Then we put inside: a light jacket if it’s cold … because you never know! the cosmetic trousse, a new book for the trip, a pen, the phone, your wallet, lip gloss, chewing gum and bottle of water! everything ok? Yes! let’s bring also a pair of shorts…maeby the sun rises!!! and you?


What you want to put in your cabbdesign bag for the week end?

let’s see our friend’s opinion


ISABELLA choose the pink beach bag for a shopping day in Milan, she slips inside: phone, scarf to climate changing, high heels and elegant t-shirt for the evening (maybe left out) makeup and of course the wallet (full)!GAIAMOSSA

GAIA arrives from Milan for the weekend in florence with its Palmaria bag , she enters the jewelry MOSSA, how wonderful! in the bag: EVERYTHING!


FRANCESCA smiling with his Palmaria bag full of items to working. in the bag: Ipad, calendar appointments, wallet and phone, without ever! the jacket puts it, because it does not so hot!



ALESSANDRA in San Pantaleo, Sardegna, with the Palmaria bag dark blue full of everything you need to stay out of the evening, even with the kids! inside: jackets and sweatshirts for everybody, the evening could refurbish, cell phone and wallet, snaks for “difficult” moments, and water!

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