To create TELAVELA products we only use high quality materials, related to the sea and sailing.


The texture of our women’s bag, of travel bags and accessories is the spinnaker cloth sailboats (Fibermax 1.5 oz) in various colors. It is a lightweight fabric, very durable, waterproof, easy to clean, suitable for both summer and winter. A particular tissue, evoking the sea and freedom, designed to withstand strong winds.

For the realization of the woman’s bag and the whole range TELAVELA we entrusted to Italian laboratories specialized in the processing of the sails, with a long experience in sailing. The seams are zig zag or tristich, studied and used traditionally for their tightness and resistance to stress, such as during the races the wind slips inflating the sails or when the gusts are the crazy loud banging.

To realize the range TELAVELA, were also chosen details typically sailing, as eyelets, stainless steel (bainbridge D209 with bezel in black plastic) products from a leader in the marine industry and used in the field of sailing to pass the peaks hold up the sails. Another detail that evokes the sea and makes some products range TELAVELA unique, is the carabiner in stainless steel, commonly used to attach the sail to the forestay.

What makes our handbags and travel bags even more unique and valuable is the handle. The handles are made from the marin colored ropes, hand-woven one by one and made by Italian workshops specialized in this type of work, it is in fact a very special and complicated weave. the process is complex, requires dexterity and experience. It uses the rope hawser, composed by three strands interwoven, every consists of twenty rope-yarn that are carefully selected, divided, passed inside the cap and weaved again with the same rope to form a handle. The technique to realize our bags handle was completed by a local craftsman who works with us, which was inspired by the wipping technique , traditionally used by sailors to make the ropes more resistant. The wipping is done with the help of the “ankle” an instrument traditionally made of wood, with charm, used on board of the old sailing ships to perform the intricate knots, it is a tool that helps to keep open the links of the rope to make the operation.

The result is aesthetically attractive and very laborious, gives uniqueness to some of TELAVELA’s accessories, as our flagship model, women’s bags, which besides being beautiful are very durable and bring with them the experience of manufacturing italian sailmakers.

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