TELAVELA collection bags and travel bag madeinitaly

Cabbdesign shows TELAVELA collection, a new set of fashion  handbags, travel bags and accessories made with sail canvas and typically marine details in Italy.

The inspiration comes from a vacation on a sailing boat , towards the Cinque Terre and Portofino, in Liguria. We were looking for something new and original. Sailing, the most beautiful emotions are simple and punctuated by nature: relax, ligurian wine and Cinque Terre’s anchovies, the power and the colors of the, the feeling of freedom and the wind, the power of the sails so strong and resistant, so you need to keep going.


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Feeling this mood Laura Baldi has the idea to use sails canvas to create original bags. Bags very stylish, but also durable and versatile . Bags so comfortable and beautiful to want to wear them, all day long. First was born the city bag, the first woman bag, made with spinnaker cloth and details typically sailors, as the handle, particularly elaborate, made with tops ​​marinate hand braide, steel eyelets and zigzag stitching or tristich , traditionally used for their tightness and resistance to wind stress. Our city bag is a real success! so we find out that this is our direction!!!

This year we worked hard to launch TELAVELA collection, a set of handbags, travel bags and accessories. The collection was fully designed by the fashion designer Laura Baldi, who has designed the bags thinking to all women who want to be comfortable, but also stylish and original . The production is entrusted to specialized italian sailmakers, who have a long experience in the processing of certain marine materials. It’s a tradition of our liguria of course, but in general it’s also an experience that enhances the value of made ​​in Italy, so much appreciated in the world.

The inspiration of TELAVELA collection cames from the love for the sea and the ligurian village. Actually the names we have chosen to call the TELAVELA creations are a tribute to some Ligurian villages and islands, as Manarola, Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto islands, the magnificent village of Tellaro . And then the second line is all dedicated to Portovenere .
Today we are pleased to present our bag Palmaria (cover photo ).

borsa Palmaria bianca  2

Now look at borsa PALMARIA and see all the colors, follow in love with it, as has happened to us, imagine the convenience of wearing it every day and follow our blog and our social, because we will also present the other news of TELAVELA collection very soon.

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