New Year, New web site!

find out it with us now!

the new year starts and we inaugurate the new cabbdesign website


A new site to change and actually to tell about all the things we have done and we are doing, because the projects and the ideas in two years  has evolved and we have more to say! We also wanted to satisfy the desire of many friends who write us to know all about the bags TELAVELA collection, the new line of bags, travel bags and accessories, by cabbdesign.


The news of the website is obviously the TELAVELA collection section . We tell how came the idea of the first bag and more about the materials and maritime features that make our bags really unique.
The bags of TELAVELA collection, which you can buy in our SHOP, must be understood completely! The ability to be perfect on every occasion and in every moment of the day, is actually the result of all the work and the meaning of which the bags are charged. As I always say, our bags are much more than beautiful!





In the TELAVELA collection pages the  fashion designer Laura Baldi, who designed the entire collection, tells how from an initial idea she has developed the inter TELAVELA collection and how it was pretty  natural taking the inspiration from the Ligurian sea.


Discover in this section also “where we are” physically, or our showroom in La Spezia.


Inside the SHOP, the page dedicated to the collections of cabbdesign find out all the design forniture, designed by Lorenza Baldi, the beautiful jewels of Elizabeth Fontana and the bronze creations of Ricky Steel. Dont miss 2015 sales on all wood objects of cabbdesign (sale2015 until 09/02/2015).


In the pages “about us” you can find the story of project and the story of all Italian laboratories who work with us! Then we lined up all the partnership, ideas, projects and special events, that in two years have helped us to grow and to direct us.

Ah! actually we also told about us and our experiences … and here we are!





Find out the new web site of cabbdesign, discover now the colors and shapes of our bags in TELAVELA SHOP. The made in Italy bags, beautiful and more!!!

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