made in italy in germany for DMY 2014

Here we go! we go! Berlin direction!

but before.

The Milan design week experience, the  last April, has brought us many things, one of the most important was the awareness of how much we like to tell people the CABBdesign project. Firt because we’re women, and how much women like to talk! and also because we  received many compliments and this is actually an important confirmation to continue on our way. Many newspapers have described us as “five women and design”. Actually we have absolutly refer to all the workshops that work for and with us.

So the more exact CABBdesign definition is ” five women who think and plan original objects, then made ​​from Italian workshops“.

That ‘s what we told in milan and enjoyed it immensely. That’s why (also) we go to Berlin Design Week. First of all because it’s the most important Design fair in germany! but also because the direct contact, meet people, talk and discuss, for us that are always online, it is very exciting!

We will take with us all the possible energy , together with the originality of our products and, as already told in the previous post , even the wisdom of the hands that created them . We known that the made in Italy has a great strength and we invite you (again) to support us!



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