EXPO’ Milan 2015 travel around the world

Milan is beautiful in the summer!

Boutiques dictate the fashion trends of the season, bars and clubs open for neverending happy hour, the air smells of flowers. Walking around is a joy and I did it! Here I am in Piazza della Scala!


milano expo 2015

 oversize and short pants, white t-shirt and snakers, my white Palmaria bag big, light and chic by #telavela collection


After the tour in the center of Milan it’s a must to spend a day (and even more if it’s possible) to EXPO Milano 2015 the largest world exhibition, which until October 31, is focused on nutrition, healthy eating , the need to feed the world, new technologies related to food and crops, respect the planet and its balance.

The exhibition area of ​​1.1 million square meters, hosts more than 140 countries, international organizations and the largest food companies in the world.

All the countries in their stand acceps the Theme in their way: offering their own specialties, inviting to plunge into the atmosphere of different countries, showing the growing techniques and typical ingredients of the place. Almost impossible to visit all the stands! my advice is actually follow sensations. Walking through the large central corridor, the sides of which are shown the great stands of each country, you can be guided by instinct and curiosity to choose what to visit.

Here is the great central hall of EXPO ‘milan 2015 with pavilions on either side.


corridoio expo milano 2015



Maybe one day to visit EXPO’ it’s not enough, probably even two. But just an hour it’s enough to experience the energy that can be felt at EXPO ‘milan 2015 where so many different countries are close to each other, working together, exchanging ideas, that’s pretty difficult to see in the real world!

Here are some pictures of my Expo Milano 2015



The netherlands choose to offer their culinary specialties
in colorful food traks, impossible to resist! Original!


 The entrance of the big Russia’s stand!




a glimpse of the theme park-sensory dedicated to children




artistic Slovakkia!



In the central corridor some works of Tomaino, a Ligurian artist that we know well!


Milano expo 2015

The return home to Milan in tram, a bit ‘tired! but actually I made a trip round the world in eight hours !!!


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