CABBdesign in Milan to Thematic Tables for EXPO’2015

The February 18th I presented the project

in Milan at the Thematic Tables dedicated to women entrepreneurs

in the context of the (many) initiatives for EXPO’ 2015



The “ThematicTables Expo 2015” were established from the Milan Chamber of Commerce  with the aim of involving the economic system and entrepreneurial startups in the opportunities generated by Expo 2015.


The meeting was a good opportunity to tell what is and the passion that all five members of the project have. Actually the same that I have seen in many eyes crossed in milan, those self-confident women and their work, with interesting ideas to offer, with the ability to manage a business work and the private life. Many businesses and ideas was related to design, cowering and especially the needs born in Milan with EXPO’2015.


My name is Alessandra Cillerai, founding member of CABBdesign, a company born in La Spezia two years ago from the idea of ​​five friends, five women …” so began my speech in Milan and then I told the story, the passions, the goals of CABBdesign and the birth of TELAVELA collection, the new line of fashion handbags launched last December. Everythings in our website in the TELAVELA and ABOUT US sections.


Today  I actually want to tell about some projects (and women) who have impressed me wednesday, for the idea and for the passion that I felt! But especially those projects created for Expo ‘2015, to meet the needs and give information to foreigners who will visit our country.

I begin from Slow town, a site collector of everything that is sustainable in Milan, to promote a city and the lifestyle in line with the Expo2015 objectives.

Very similar is the idea of Explore Milan, a project of urban exploration that includes several initiatives that aim at the involvement and active participation of the tourist who wants to know Milan.

Then for all caravanners and campers here it is drivingexpo2015 that will be very helpful to find right places in Milan and Italy.

Fantastic and very useful for all women and moms who love traveling  is the project BabyGuest, created to meet the family needs on vacation and not only! it is the only professional platform on which you can rent equipment for children and buy products online. How many families with children will need them during EXPO ‘?

Even children are the protagonists for Italy for Kids, a publishing project and a space where children can find arguments that suit them. For EXPO’2015 they have created the map of Milan illustrated with useful info, smart designs and stikers, to inform families about where are the right places for their children.

I really apologize with businesses and projects that I have not nominated!  they all are really innovative and full of the women inexhaustible activities.

You can find all projects (of course also CABBdesign) on Thematic Tables website, all to read to understand how these days, with an idea and a lot of will, you can reinvent. Because the best opportunities are the ones we create for ourselves!

Special thanks to the Commerce Chamber of Milan

let’s to see the EXPO2015 site and book what you desire as soon as possible!!!

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