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December 2014 Presentation of TELAVELA collection by Madeleine in La Spezia.

We decide to start with Telavela collection from our beautiful city, actually from the territory, which responds with affection and esteem and gives us the strong desire not only to repeat an event fun and satisfying, but also to propose forcefully to Italy and why not, to the world, with our online shop, but also with a distribution to selected stores.
October 2014 SHOOTING PHOTO TELAVELA collection.

We decide to give the photo shoot a decidedly atypical and we choose to involve Jacopo Benassi, a famous photographer because we want to make clear, with his shots , the  realistic character of handbags TELAVELA collection, resistant, female , capacious and to wear always and on every occasion. Photos of Jacopo Benassi are also used for our catalog (ask for it immediately)
July and August 2014 is the summer where breaks out “bag craze”.

The bag woman cabbdesign, called “city bag” and made in two colors and one size had an incredible success, especially in France on line, off line in some stores, worn by many of our good friends, and many other women The success of our first bag, gives birth to the idea of working with an entire collection, which takes shape in the fall and was born TELAVELA collection.
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 the was presented as a case history to the event : “Surfing with the WEB IN STERN. Internet for your organization: simple tools, immediate opportunities. “A day of study organized by the youth of Confcommercio and Confindustria La Spezia.
from May 28 to June 1, 2014 we attended the DMY design festival-international-Berlin. This experience abroad has served to make us understand what the made in Italy is appreciated abroad, providing another goal for the future.
April 2014 we exhibited at Milan Design Week at Superstudiopiù via Tortona, in the “selected objects”.

The project presented “metropolitan livings: 9 sqm to eat, read and sleep” very successful press and public, representing an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of our brand to an audience motivated and international.
During the Milan Design Week CABB design also has the special project of the artist Mirko Baricchi, “Pinocchio Becomes real?”. Our table eileen painting by the artist, limited edition price on request
December 2013 raid in Sarzana.

A real invasion of objects of design CABB design in some of the most beautiful shops of sarzana, a beautiful town on the border between Liguria and Tuscany, delicious for its craft shops and small town squares in the historic center.
December 2013 Schiffini hosts CABB design.

During of the exclusive cocktail Christmas, . . Among the beautiful kitchens and accessories, were also exposed some objects CABBdesign, as the apron sailcloth and pottery made by hand, one by one.
December 2013 “Wednesday off line”.

We open for the first time our showroom with the “Wednesday off line of cabbdesign” to favor the meeting. So many people come to visit us and that’s how we decided to kick off a series of initiatives off line.

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