CABB design is a company founded in January of 2013 in La Spezia, the brainchild of five friends, who are passionate about design: Viola Agnese, Laura Baldi, Lorenza Baldi, Alessandra Cillerai, Marina Sani.



The philosophy that inspires CABBdesign is to design product dedicated to furnishing and fashion, relying in making a network of Italian workshops, which have always been the best of Made in Italy. The purpose is to improve the everyday life both from the formal point of view that from the substantial point of view. That is why the ideas are shared, the projects studied in detail and the relationship between use and form always searched. The production of CABB design is entrusted to Italian workshops and the craft production is a point of strength of the project CABB design, because gives the products a great quality in materials processing and attention to detail.

The link between women’s vision and manual skills, between design and Italian craftsmanship, makes every creation of CABB design special and truly unique.




The selection of CABB design is wide: objects to decorate with natural wood, Florentine ceramics, home textiles, original creations of designers chosen by us. In this year success came with the woman’s bag made of canvas with spinnaker sailing boats in various colors and details typically sail. The Idea came from Ligurian territory and soon became the company’s core business. In the fall of 2014 we create TELAVELA collection, a set of handbags, travel bags and accessories made with sailcloth boats, with well defined characteristics: strength, marine vocation linked to the region of Liguria and the modern and innovative design.

The collection is designed by Laura Baldi, the production is entrusted to craft workshops, which have a long experience in the processing of certain marine materials.





Lorenza Baldi, graduated in architecture in Florence and worked in Milan in an important study design. For CABBdesign deals with the product and its marketing. Has strong communication skills and management. Her interests span from cinema to read, but what he loves most is to pack up and go. Her vision of design is a balance between form and function.

Laura Baldi, fashion designer, takes care of the creative part. She has extensive experience in the fashion industry. With its own brand “laurab” has made many fashion collections, sold in some of the best Italian shops. Is inspired by a sober and elegant taste, which reflects her personality, determined, strong and very positive. Draw the line TELAVELA with passion and creativity, following all stages of production and working closely with the craft workshops that make the line.

Sani Marina is a woman with lot of experience in fashion industry. And our inspiring and cool hunter, her ideas and insights make the difference in every product. Her style is elegant and sophisticated, fashion is a great passion. She takes care of #outfitdimarina, tips for the right look for every occasion in our blog

Viola Agnese, graduated in Florence, and within the family business, has extensive experience in the business sector and research and development of Italian and European calls. For CABBdesign deals with marketing and economic planning. Her analyses are accurate and detailed and is always ready to understand and evaluate opinions different from her own.

Alessandra Cillerai graduated in Florence and worked for a major press office in the fashion industry in Milan. Thanks to the experience as a PR and later as account for a ligurian communications agency. For CABBdesign she following the press office, promotion and advertising planning. Puts a great passion even follow the blog and the social networks.


Graziano Garavaldi scores for CABB design line TELAVELA. The experiences of Graziano have always been linked to the world of sail. In the late 70s learns the trade by working in the group of plotters sailmakers “Carozzo & Peer”, then continues with his own business. The “Sails Garavaldi” since the 90 works in the world of sailing and, without neglecting the working of the sails, decides to differentiate the product offered and starts to produce a good range of accessories, such as bags, cushions, covers on measure and also plans a ladder to climb trees of the boats, which a great success . he loves his job and ultimately prefers a pure manual production.

Giovanni Tattoli Carpenter family’s tradition and grandson of shipwrights, Giovanni tells of having a bit ‘of sawdust in the DNA. He has a background in robotics and mechanical , but his heart brought him back to carpentry, from which in fact had never been away. Cultivates many interests, including the design and the art of feng shui. For CABB has built the wooden objects, making a substantial contribution to their final realization.

Patrizia Padovese Even as a child Patrizia saw the mother sew and passion for this work has grown with her. He started working at home, almost only for passion, then embarked on the road professional, working for companies packaging of clothes for children and women. she says that : “work is hard, but do a job like that takes away half the effort.” Wise words! For CABBdesign deals with the line “dress”, woman and child.

Edoardo Bertellotti The Bertellotti’s Company combines the experience and precision of Italian craftsmanship, the use of sophisticated and prestigious fabrics of large companies, available in his showroom / workshop. Custom-work, realization of padding and coverings, that follow the traditional method, with a keen eye to the needs of the customer and a modern style. The goal is to “make do” those who turn to Edoardo Bertellotti and this can be dictated only by a strong passion for his work. For CABB has realized the line of modular seating and pillows.

Marco Tombelli Marco Tombelli is originally from Montelupo Fiorentino, considered the “city of Tuscan pottery”. Tombelli since was young, works ceramics with the lathe, creating artifacts inspired by nature and the Tuscan Renaissance art. In his showroom / workshop Tombelli works both traditional objects, both in special projects, such as CABB, with whom he created the original design of ceramics.

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