#laurafromNY the City by night

Needless to say, the City “who never sleeps” is offering so much… it’s just a matter of choice!

Let’s start with a cocktail at Le Bain, The Standard Hotel’s roof top, “a 18-story tower arching over the High Line in the Meatpacking District, stunning views of New York and the mighty Hudson River”, cocktails and DJ set!!!



girl telavela collection cabbdesign
light blue “bon ton” sweater
sangallo cotton skirt
high heels shoes, flower pattern with Swarosky, amazing shoes!!!
handbag Manarola dark blue, TELAVELA collection, available on the cabbdesign’s E.SHOP 



the amazing view


Or…you can choose the new regentrification area between Chinatown and the Lower East, full of new bars and very peopled, to eat and have a drink in the cozy “Birds and Bubbles” during the Cocktail Week serving food and drinks at more than half price!!!
Crossing few streets you won’t miss some street-artists painting store’s gatesnamed “The 100 gates project, it has the aim to redevelop this area of the city




Finally you get to go to the Stone and listen at Bill Frisell (guitar), Jason Moran (piano) Alicia Hall Moran (voice) in a “space dedicated to experimental music and avant-garde” Intentionally bare, no alcoholics, no food, just music! stellar musicians only!


the stone scritta



Or… you can just have a look at the MSG calendar choosing among the thousand of concerts! I have been to the U2 concert, very nice friends of mine gave me tickets! THANK YOU so much Nicola and Sara! two hours of awesome Rock …an amazing stage! … a very intimate concert as well!
In the end…won’t miss “Sleep No More”  at The McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea: an unconventional Macbeth, engaging and sensual, staged by a troupe of exceptional actors and dancers! The hotel has been specifically furnished for the show and the audience are free to choose which scene or which actor follow … physically moving and following them through the rooms of the hotel! Outstanding, really not to be missed!


I’m almost come back in Italy because the presentation of TELAVELA new collection, but before I’ll prepare for you a trip on a beautiful Museum, DIA Bacon and a surprise only for you!

So follow me #laurafromNY

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