This week get organized to make room in our home

and get rid of the superfluous,

in a single word: “decluttering”.


The timing is perfect! The beginning of a new year projects us toward the future and it needs new energy!


Make room, getting rid of the superfluous is not only a way to create a new space, actually to be used in other ways, but it also means to liberate our mind, letting go any objects that connect us to the past.

What about the time savings? We spend many hours looking for things that we can not find! And how many times we want to free up space and replace unnecessary furniture, with an object more essential, more useful to our habits that actually change? Tidy up the living spaces is liberating!


Then we discover some rules to proceed quickly and efficiently!


1. find three large boxes. In the first put the things to throw, in the second ones we can put things to give away or sell, or recycle, the third box will be dedicated to all the things you want to keep.




2. Optimize your time and energy. Choose a room and start from there! maeby using a bit of time each day, spending an hour decluttering. choose also small goals: one day the library, another the drawers of the room and then the closet … help me!!!




3. Involve in decluttering those who live with you, to play together, and also to save time, actually you can not decide for everythings!


4. Finally, this is a basic rule, do not bring the boxes to be deleted in the attic, otherwise all the work done is nothing! Organized a tea with your friends,  and give away the things you no longer want.


After “decluttering” you can’t imagine how much space will be created in your home! you will be free to be able to buy something new, that brings fresh energy to the house or something to worn, that will satisfy your desire to change.


If you make room, find our creations, for example the wooden furniture (until February 2 discounted in our shop) and the accessories of TELAVELA collection, bags and travel bag, made in sail canvas e very new.

And now excuse me! I actually go to get my boxes for decluttering! See you!

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